What is is a simple idea to send email alerts when Niteflirt Operators, or Flirts, become available to take calls. Sign up with your email address, add alerts for Flirts and we'll send you an email notification whenever they're available.

What is an alert?

An alert is an email we send you when Flirt's you've asked us to follow become available to take calls. The alert will go out shortly after they've become available.

How do I set up an alert?

It's pretty simple. Once you've signed up for Flirtalerts go to and click on a Flirt's listing. From there you can can get to their main page by clicking on their name. Copy the URL and, back on, paste it in the text area under "Add a Flirtalert". Click Add Alert You've now added an alert.

How do I remove an alert?

You can stop alerts a number of ways. If you'd like to stop alerts for one or more Flirts you can toggle them in your Alerts managment area by clicking or remove the alert entirely by clicking

You can stop all your alerts by going to your Account settings and unchecking Receive Alerts.

Each email alert also has a link at the bottom that when followed will stop all alerts.

How do you deal with privacy?

We won't sell your email address to anyone. Period.

Other then verification email, or if you've forgotten your password, etc. the only emails you'll receive from us are the emails you've requested such as alerts when your Flirts are available to take calls. We won't send you offers or advertisements. We may create new services in the future, other tytpes of alerts, etc. but they will always be opt in.

Are you associated with

No, we are not associated with Niteflirt in anyway. This is something we built for ourselves and decided to make public.